“When I started taking LCCC classes as a 14-year-old, my dream was to be able to walk at LCCC’s commencement before walking across the stage at my high school graduation.”

Annabella Miller
Annabella Miller

This was Annabella Miller’s goal—and this month the 17-year-old Wellington High School student will achieve her dream.  

Miller took classes at Lorain County Community College through the College Credit Plus dual enrollment program where local students can complete college classes while in middle and high school free of charge to the student. She plans to attend a four-year college and major in biology and religion, and later attend seminary school to become a United Methodist minister.

“I chose to attend LCCC because I wanted to push myself harder than the academics at my high school could offer,” Miller said. “LCCC has been a wonderful experience for me, teaching me amazing things at a rigor that has pushed me to become the best student I could be.”

Miller says she’s happy to graduate debt-free with her associate of arts degree.

“LCCC has helped me meet my educational goals by allowing me to immerse myself in a college environment at such a young age,” Miller said. “Being able to attend LCCC while in high school has allowed me to push myself academically and has prepared me to go away to a four-year school.”