Candice Klopp, 19, made the choice to switch majors and never looked back. Now she’s on a path to success. This July she will graduate with her associate degree in welding technology, after earning her one year welding technical certificate last July.

Candice Klopp
Candice Klopp

The New London-based first-generation college student originally chose LCCC and began coursework in the dental hygiene program, but a year later she made the switch, and was glad LCCC has so many options.

“Switching my major was the best decision I could have made and I’m grateful LCCC offered a new opportunity for me,” she said.

Klopp recently completed work as a student worker in welding and loved all the hands-on experiences. This summer she begins work at a factory utilizing her new skills.

Klopp would like to thank her welding instructor Larry Waller. “He has gone above and beyond to support me through my welding degree,” she said. “He’s taught me everything I know about welding and given me way more life advice than I ever could have asked for. I’m eternally grateful for him always encouraging me, supporting me and being like the parent I never knew I needed.”