Great Grad 2017: Elexis Hamby

Twenty-one-year-old Elyria resident Elexis Hamby will receive her associate of science from Lorain County Community College at the same time as her sister, Gina, making them first-generation college graduates.

Elexis Hamby, left, and her sister, Gina, will both earn degrees at LCCC’s 2017 Commencement Ceremony.

For Elexis, making it to this milestone has not been easy by any means. Throughout her childhood and adolescent years she’s struggled with the effects of special needs, of health issues, and with the passing of a loved one. Hamby claims three years after attending Lorain County Community College, she’s realized her dream is to run a wellness facility that cares for those who have been recently diagnosed with a disease and need dietary and physical mediation.

She said, “Making it to commencement has been challenging to say the least, especially without my father by my side and with an unexpected diagnosis on Crohn’s disease, but I’m here!” Later stating that, “Lorain County Community College has confirmed to me my purpose in life and has set me off on the right start.”

Moving forward, Elexis will transfer to Akron University in the fall where she will pursue a master’s degree in dietetics as well as a minor in exercise science.

“More or less my dream was to take advantage of the second chance I was given to do things the right way,” Hamby said. “I have always imagined myself walking across that stage as an honors graduate. Coming here, I was determined to push passed limitations and to prove to myself that I was capable of achieving such goals; goals I wasn’t able to achieve in high school.”

As a student worker for the Commodore Books & More, as well as the library, she calls LCCC her home. “In 2016, I was also given the chance to become a Student Senator and to represent and be a voice for all students on this campus, something that I never saw myself being able to do before.” Hamby said, “I now have to tools to live for something greater than myself.”

“We have some truly amazing staff and faculty that have helped me along my journey; it’s hard for me to limit the recognition,” Hamby said.

=Those who have gone above and beyond include Selina Gaddis, Rochelle Fairley, Elizabeth Behrouzi, Roseanne Kuncel, Janis Thompson, the library staff and those who work for Women’s Link, she said.

“I say these names because without them, I would not have been challenged to try harder, encouraged to keep going, acknowledged for my perseverance, supported in my efforts, or motivated through their efforts,” she added.

Gina will also be graduating alongside her. “We have made it through thick and thin and I could not be where I am at today without her,” Hamby said. “She’s has been like Robin to Batman, although she would like to think she is Batman (which is not the case). We will be the first people to receive a college degree in our family and we are doing it together. From diapers to diplomas; I cannot think of a more loving, kind, or selfless partner in crime to have brought with me on this crazy journey.”

As Elexis and Gina prepare to graduate from LCCC Saturday, their younger sister, Samantha, prepares to graduate from Keystone High School later this month.

Elexis, left, and Gina, right, will graduate from LCCC on Saturday. Their sister, Samantha, center, will graduate from Keystone High School later this month.

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