Great Grad 2017: Jacob Adamczyk

Jacob Adamczyk will receive his associate of science this May — at age 15 as a high school sophomore.

Krista Jones, Adamczyk’s mother, shared that the North Ridgeville resident is completing Lorain County Community College courses as part of the College Credit Plus (CCP) program, which allows him to earn college and high school credit simultaneously. “He immersed himself into learning at a young age and LCCC has assisted him in meeting that love of education,” she said.

Adamczyk plans to attend Cleveland State University to earn his bachelor of science in physics or mathematics, while earning credit toward his high school diploma continuing as a CCP student. He hopes to later pursue graduate psychics studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and eventually work in the research field of physics.

In middle school, Adamczyk felt he wasn’t being challenged. He taught himself geometry, algebra 2 and college algebra by utilizing books at the library and Internet resources, before the end of eighth grade, he said.

“I decided to put my knowledge to the test at my community college, where I took the COMPASS test and had metrics confirm my college-ready abilities in English, as well as mathematics.” LCCC then admitted the fourteen year-old to Calculus 1 after viewing his COMPASS test results, Adamczyk said.

He later took AP Calculus at North Ridgeville High School and when the fall term was ending, he contacted the mathematics department at LCCC to see if any of the professors would grant him permission to enroll in Calculus 2 during the spring. Professor Jeffrey Zeager Ph.D. gave his Calculus 1 final exam to Adamczyk. When he passed, the professor granted him permission to enroll in Calculus 2. He then began classes at LCCC full-time as a CCP student.

In addition to thriving as a student, Adamczyk is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society. Jones said, “Jacob will be successfully completing his degree due to his tenacity for education, the support of his high school and the support of the teachers and advisors at LCCC.”
Adamczyk said that ultimately, “My motivation and perseverance throughout these experience are what has shaped me as who I am today, and who I will continue to be.”