Ken Glynn spent ten years in the United States Army and 19 years working in the steel industry before starting his journey toward his degree in business administration through Lorain County Community College’s SAIL program. At first the Elyria resident wasn’t sure about college, but with the help of SAIL assistance and his counselors’ and instructors’ support, today he is a thriving soon-to-be graduate.

Glynn also was eligible for the State of Ohio’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TRA) program for displaced workers after he was laid off from a steel mill.

“While standing outside of the iLOFT during my first semester talking with other displaced workers, we felt like we had our heads in the ground like ostriches as we were over our heads,” Glynn, 51, said. “The only reason we were there was because of our unemployment but now I see how much I have gained and I am so thankful to LCCC for giving me that opportunity.”

Advisor Ursula Delahunty said Glynn felt very blessed to be here at LCCC as he felt he was surrounded by angels and that she was one of them. He went on to say that there are a lot of angels at LCCC who are so uplifting including Carrie Delaney (Career Restart), Carolyn Gang (math professor), Bernadette Colegrove (business counselor), Vernice Jackson (career services), the front desk staff, the tutoring center and many more.

Glynn said it was surprising how fast everything went. At the completion of each semester he gained more confidence and he now recognizes his potential, he said. Today he is considering the University Partnership with Cleveland State University and plans to study for his bachelor of arts in organizational leadership in the fall.