Great Grad 2017: Melanie Birchfield

“Since high school, my dream was to be the first in my family to be a college graduate,” Melanie Birchfield said. Last December, she completed that dream when she graduated from Lorain County Community College in her 60s. The grandmother earned an associate of the arts and a one-year certificate specializing in English literature, with honors.

As a single young woman, Birchfield enrolled at LCCC. She eventually had a career, spouse and family. “Other goals took precedence, but I never lost sight of my dream to graduate from college,” the Wakeman resident said.

She continued attending classes and after retirement, she contacted Career Restart counselors, determined to succeed.

“Through an exercise of will power and diligent focus on my required course assignments, I performed the hard work needed to reach my goal,” Birchfield said. She also became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society at LCCC and part of the Dean’s List.

“With determination, the support of my family, great counselors and the encouragement and input of the wonderful staff and faculty at LCCC, I have finally attained the fulfillment of my cherished aspiration,” Birchfield said.

“I am proof that if you have a dream, no matter what your life circumstances are, or how much time passes, if you are persistent and determined, you can make it come true,” Birchfield said. “It is with tremendous pride, sense of accomplishment and testament to perseverance that I finally earned the degree I began many decades ago.”