Great Grad 2017: Nadia Mack

Nadia Mack is a soon-to-be proud associate of arts graduate at Lorain County Community College who aims to impact the community by her work with children.

“My dream upon entering LCCC was to become a social worker so I may work with kids, but at the time, my dream seemed impossible to reach as a single mother,” the 32-year-old Avon resident said. “Fast forward so many years later, and I am proud to say that I am a licensed foster parent for Lorain County. In a few years when I receive my master’s, I will have an easier chance at obtaining a position within the agency.”

Mack plans to continue studies at the University of Toledo to complete her bachelor’s degree. She said she’s happy she already has a head start and can complete her degree sooner.

The school allowed Mack the opportunity to succeed in not only academics, but her career as well.

“Throughout the years, LCCC gave me the motivation and assistance to complete my studies and become a part-time staff member,” Mack said. “Because of LCCC I am confident in knowing that I can transfer to complete my bachelor’s as well as advance to a full-time staff member, should the opportunity present itself.”

“I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the availability of online courses, I would not have been able to complete my degree,” Mack said. “Online courses help accommodate my hectic schedule.”

Mack chose LCCC because her sister was a student. “She convinced me that LCCC would be my best chance for an academic and career start,” she said.

She wants to send a “thank you to Cindy Kushner (LCCC’s Director of Marketing and Outreach Initiatives) for promoting me from student worker to part-time staff. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I would be working. It’s because of you placing me at the administrative building, that I am a foster parent right now.”

“Thank you to my counselor Jason Gibson who in such a short time helped me make adjustments to my scheduling that better accommodated my needs and my goals,” Mack added. “Thank you to my supervisor Dina Ferrer, who is a positive role model in both my educational and personal endeavors. Dina encouraged me to go back to school after sitting out a few semesters, showing me that it was possible to keep going despite all the doubts I had.”