Great Grad 2017: Pac Wood IV

Elyria resident Pac Wood IV is about to complete her associate of arts degree from Lorain County Community College, as well as an originally unplanned religious studies certificate that she “fell upon” from her love of the coursework.

“I near accidentally received the certificate in religious studies,” Pac said. “I was just taking classes that interested me and I realized that if I took one more extra class that I’d have my religious studies certificate.”

“Although I would have graduated with a bachelor’s at my previous college if I would have stayed there for this academic year, I had to come live with a family member in order to catch up on my health,” Pac, 21, said.

Her original plan for last fall was to take some stress-free classes while she recuperated, but once January came she realized that she was only 20 credit hours away from graduating with an associate degree and a religious studies certificate. “I evaluated my health and the value of an associate degree, and in the end I decided to go full manic-nightmare mode taking the hectic course load,” Pac said.

“My stressed-packed spring paid off though,” Pac said. “My health has gotten better. I am graduating with both an associate degree and a certificate. I definitely am much more in tune with my spirituality.”

When asked what factors have led to the successful completion of her degree, she replied, “Coffee. Cheap coffee in bulk.”

Her plan after graduation is to study at Southern New Hampshire University and work toward a bachelor’s degree.