Great Grad 2017: Summer Deichler

Lorain resident Summer Deichler is the first person in her family to graduate from college. After excelling in online courses, she will receive her associate of arts from Lorain County Community College in May and then begin Cleveland State University through LCCC’s University Partnership to major in psychology. She hopes to continue on to complete her master’s degree in family counseling, school counseling or school psychology, and eventually attain a doctoral degree and become a child psychologist.

“My dream was to finish my first year of college while still a senior in high school,” Deichler, 19, said.

She did just that with the help of the Students Accelerating in Learning (SAIL) program.

“I owe most, if not all, of my collegiate success thus far” to SAIL, Deichler said. “Through the program, I’ve been pushed to achieve things I didn’t even see as possible, such as completing my degree so quickly out of high school,” she said.

Because of the SAIL, “my GPA rose from a 2.6 to a 3.0 just during fall semester. The program also helped me to make the Dean’s List for fall semester,” she said. “On top of that, SAIL reduced financial stress by helping to cover the tuition that my Pell Grant wouldn’t which was an extreme blessing. Upon graduating from LCCC, I have no student loans or debt.”

She’s glad she continued at LCCC. “Since I had already completed my freshman year of college at LCCC, I decided to continue on throughout the summer and subsequent school year to attain my associate degree,” Deichler said.

“After high school, neither my family nor I were in a financially positive situation to where I felt comfortable going away to school. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to a four-year institution without incurring a large amount of debt, something I was unwilling to do.”

“This has allowed me immense flexibility, letting me partake in senior events during high school, and maintain a job throughout my entire degree. Completing my degree online helped me to remain focused and not get burnt out since I was on my own time schedule,” Deichler said.

Her mother went back to school at LCCC at the same time that Deichler was enrolled, and acted an inspiration. “Seeing her success has promoted my success,” Deichler said.

Throughout her time at LCCC, she also worked as a lifeguard through the Lorain County Metroparks and won three beauty pageants, Deichler said. “LCCC has helped me to be a well-rounded college student, and to achieve my dreams, educationally and beyond.”