Nursing Student Information

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Student Handbooks

Health Requirements

Background Checks

All nursing students are required to obtain a yearly background check.  


Clinical Locations

Please click the link below for a complete list of the clinical sites.
Clinical Locations

Flu Shots

Every fall semester, all nursing students will be required to obtain a flu shot for courses containing a clinical component.

Each student must upload a copy of their flu shot to ACEMAPP by the required deadline. There are no exceptions to this mandate. If documentation is not received by the deadline, the student will not be permitted to attend clinical and will be unsuccessful in the course.

As a health care provider and future nurse, it is the student’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for patients and a flu shot provides protection for both the nurse as well as the patient.


Do you need to stay up-to-date on immunizations but have a busy schedule? Please click on the link below to schedule an appointment with the Lorain County Health District.

Review Immunization Flier 


All nursing students will be required to upload all health documents (i.e. Drug Test Release form, appropriate CPR card, Statement of Non-Conviction Form) into ACEMAPP. Please see the link under ‘Health Requirements’ for instructions on uploading documents in ACEMAPP.

Drug Testing

As of fall semester, 2016, all nursing students will be required to complete a Drug Test each semester.


Clinical Badges/ID cards/ Library card-LC building

Bass Library Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor will create your College ID/Library card.  You will need to bring with you a picture ID and your schedule of classes.  The cost for the clinical badge is $2.00.

At the beginning of the semester when large groups of students need ID badges, the ID Room on the first floor of the Library will be open during busy times. You may stop on the first floor to obtain an ID. If the ID Room is not open, the Circulation Desk will make your ID for you.

If you are an off campus nursing student( attending one of the LCCC off-site Learning centers i.e., Wellington, Firelands, St. Joseph Community Center) please make arrangements to have your photo taken with the designated LCCC Learning Center Staff.  Your LCCC Library/ID card will be mailed to your residence.

All LCCC Students need to update their cards every semester that they are  a student at LCCC.  Please contact the LCCC Circulation desk at 440-366-4026 or email