The nursing programs (LPN and ADN) at LCCC require current STNA registry for program admission applications.

Individuals completing an approved Ohio STNA course can test within 24 months after course completion to attain active status on the Nurse Aide Registry. PCAs (aides working as a patient care assistants in hospitals) and orderlies must also meet the STNA requirement (see options below). Active status on the nursing assistant registry for individuals outside of Ohio will meet the STNA requirement for the purposes of nursing program admission. may help you understand the requirements for STNA in the State of Ohio.


Attend an STNA program in Ohio


Alternate Pathways to attain the Ohio STNA Registry Listing

The state of Ohio offers three alternate pathways to examination eligibility aside from successful completion of an approved STNA course. Information below is found on the D & S Diversified Technologies website Ohio Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook. The three alternate pathways are:

  • An individual who has the equivalent of twelve months or more of full-time employment in the preceding five years in a position with hospital experience that includes the provision of direct patient care involving the performance of daily living activities, such as toileting, bathing, feeding, dressing, etc. If you work at a hospital as an aide or an orderly, you can have your employer sign off on the D&S test application form that verifies your skills. Then you are able to take the written exam for STNA and once you pass it, you will be on the registry. More information is found on the D & S Diversified Technologies website and the Ohio Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook.
  • An individual with military occupational training and experience in the United States Armed Forces in positions including, but not limited to, Medical Specialist, Healthcare Specialist, and Hospital Corpsman, may qualify for this waiver if they can provide documentation of at least sixteen hundred (1600) hours of providing direct patient care involving the performance of daily living activities. The documentation can include official training documents and/or a letter on official letterhead that identifies each exact job task that meets the direct care/performance of daily living requirement, totaling a minimum of 1600 hours signed by a supervisor.
  • An individual enrolled in a pre-licensure program of nursing education approved by the board of nursing, or by an agency of another state that regulates nursing education, who has provided the director or the director’s designee with a certificate from the program indicating that the individual has successfully completed the courses that teach basic nursing skills including infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and personal care.
  • If you feel you are eligible and meet the qualifications above, please call D & S Diversified Technologies at 1-877-851-2355 to discuss your specific work experience and necessary work verification documentation needed for submission with your test application. Your application will be declined if you have not included the evidence of experience per the state rules. The testing company can also help to identify test dates at sites in your area and locate application forms on the website. Form 1101 (front and backside) will need to be completed and signed by your employer along with an employment verification letter. Please contact the testing company for full details as this process is complex. All test application forms are downloaded from D & S Diversified Technologies website and will change without notice. Please refer to the candidate handbook for exam prep.