This page is designed to inform Clinical Faculty about important information as well as to provide access to program documents, procedures and forms.


Clinical Handbook


Rights and privileges                                                                            

The following policy document discusses the rights, privileges and responsibilities for clinical faculty:


Adjunct faculty handbook  

The Adjunct Faculty handbooks contains all policies, procedures, rights, benefits available to Clinical and Adjunct faculty. It also provides a host of useful information regarding college procedures and services, and resources for adjunct faculty.                                                                  


Program Policies and Procedures

The program policies and procedures are available to clinical faculty here in a PDF file format should questions arise regarding an issues related to program, clinic or students. It’s a large file, be patient with loading.


Syllabi goals

The following document includes catalog descriptions and all course goals and outcomes for the three Clinical Practicum course experiences. This can be used as a reference to determine the expected levels of performance for students in the course/clinical practicum experience, and the progression of skills demonstrated as student gain skills through the clinical courses.


Generic Abilities/Professional Behaviors 

The Generic Abilities/Professional Behaviors are used by the program each semester to help students develop the professional behaviors and skills essential to the provision of quality physical therapy services. The following resources provide a detailed listing and description of the skills, as well as a scoring form to use for student feedback and development.                                               


When to contact the program/CEC    

Clinical sites and clinical faculty should never hesitate to contact the Clinical Education Coordinator or Program Director. If you have questions, need information, are unsure of how to handle/process a situation, need forms or other materials, please do not hesitate to contact the academic program faculty. the following document provides other situations where contact with the program is recommended.                                                 


CPI Resources

This sheet, also contained in student clinical syllabi and the Clinical Education Handbook, discusses grading criteria and required levels of student attainment on the CPI.

The CPI tips sheet includes helpful tips for completion of the CPI.


Other helpful forms related to clinical

The following forms include: Weekly Planning Form, Anecdotal Note, and Critical Incident report.                                                                                        

Weekly Planning Forms discuss expected performance from student and CI perspectives, and set performance goals.  

Anecdotal Notes are used to document information for a student’s file – exceptional behavior, deficiencies or concerns of some form, etc.

Critical Incident Reports are for a safety incident, behavior requiring correction, or a student in danger of unsuccessful completion of the clinical. This requires a call to the program faculty. 

The following form (included in student syllabi) includes the information that a student should carry to the clinical to offer to share with the instructor/site.

The case-study consent form (included in student syllabi) includes instructions regarding protected health information (HIPAA) for the case study, confirmation of review by the clinical faculty and the rubric used for scoring the paper.

Copy of LCCC liability insurance. Please note that a student is covered for all scheduled clinical sessions even if the clinical schedule varies from the class schedule (e.g. a student officially making up a day is covered, working on a college “snow day”, etc.). Liability insurance does NOT cover student employment (e.g. a student working as an aide in a PT department).

For each of the three Clinical practicums, the attached document includes a description and schedule of the clinical experience, the length, days, and when the practicums fall within the semester. For start dates for a particular semester or clinical, please feel free to contact one of the program faculty. Semester start dates are also located on the college website under academic calendars.

Contact information:

Program Director

John Myers, PT, DPT, MBA 
440-366-7881, Room HS 223M
Clinical Education Coordinator

Carrie Chapman, PT, DPT, MS    
440-366-7210, Room HS 223 E