Selection for the Dental Hygiene Program entry is competitive and based on a combination of factors including overall grade point average, completion of program science support courses, and performance in selected science courses, interview, and a writing sample. Only selected candidates based on support coursework completed, GPA, science course performance, and completion of a writing sample will be invited to interview. The College reserves the right to base final selection of candidates, who in the judgment of the selection committee, demonstrate the greatest potential to be successful in the program and in the work place. The admission process to the program is selective and competitive, and is done in a two phase process.

Criteria for final selection of the 15 students and their point values Include the following:


Initial Evaluation

  • Overall Grade Point Average (maximum 20 points)


Overall GPA

 GPA  Points
 4.00 – 3.80  20
 3.79 – 3.6  17.5
 3.59 – 3.4  15
 3.39 – 3.2  12.5
 3.19 – 3.0  10
 2.9 – 2.71  7.5
 2.70 – 2.51  5
 2.5  2.5
  • Completion of program science support courses (maximum 5 points) All four Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, General Organic/Biochemistry, General Microbiology courses must be completed by May 15 of the semester candidate is offered a seat in the program.
  • If the candidate has only completed 3 of the courses, the candidate must be enrolled in the last (4th) Science Support Course at the application deadline date. The ensuing grade from this last science course will be posted in May and should reflect the same quality of work consistent with the previously completed science support courses.
  • If offered a seat, and the candidate does not complete the last science support course, fails the course (D or F), withdraws from the course, or receives a grade that lowers the candidate’s GPA, resulting in a lowering of the above points, a decline of the offer of admission will result.


Completion of Science Support

 Courses  Points
 All 4  5
 Any 3  3
 Below 3  0


  • Performance in Science Support Courses
    Grade Point Average – Science Support courses – (maximum 20 points)


GPA – Science Support Courses

GPA Points
4.00 – 3.80 20
3.79 – 3.6 17.5
3.59 – 3.4 15
3.39 – 3.2 12.5
3.19 – 3.0 10
2.9 – 2.71 7.5
2.70 – 2.51 5
2.5 2.5


  • Completion of observation hours (required = 5 points)
    If not completed – 0 points
    Those candidates satisfying the criteria of the Initial phase, and with the highest scores will be selected to participate in the Final evaluation process by completing a writing sample and by attending an Interview session.


Final Evaluation

Writing Sample/Essay (maximum 10 points) and Interview (maximum 40 points)

Why does the program include interviews and writing samples as part of the selection process?

The Dental Hygiene profession involves continuous face – to – face interaction with patients utilizing personal communication. It also involves significant written documentation

  • Writing Sample/Essay (maximum 10 points)
    Candidates will complete a writing sample (prior to the scheduled Interview session) by responding to the instructions. The candidate will take only a pen to the testing center. No notes, pre-written essays or any other material will be allowed to be used while completing the essay. The completed writing sample/essay, with name covered, will be evaluated by two members of the dental hygiene selection committee using a rubric.
  • Interview (maximum 40 points)
    Candidates with the highest total (Initial phase-maximum-50 points) will be invited for an interview. A group interview with the Dental Hygiene selection committee will be scheduled, with candidates being notified by the Enrollment Center. The writing sample/essay’s calculated points will be combined with the interview points resulting in the final evaluation total. That Final evaluation total is combined with the Initial evaluation’s total points for the complete score (maximum 100 points). Those candidates with the highest complete scores will be offered seats in the Dental Hygiene Program. The Dental Hygiene program and college will not be unduly or unfairly influenced by any outside party including any graduate, employer, advisory committee member, accrediting body, individual, other stakeholder or entity in the selection decision, but will maintain standard selection processes.
    In the case of a tie for the last slot(s), the earliest date on the Program Application will be the determining factor. Scores received by individual students will not be disclosed. The program and associated Selection Committee cannot divulge the scores and/or rankings of individual students because of the confidential nature of the various scoring instruments and confidentiality promised to those participating in the process.