The human services program provides broad, fundamental knowledge in psychology, human behavior and available social services. It can prepare you for many entry-level positions centered around providing services for specific populations. For example, human services professionals may work with at-risk children, the elderly, the addicted, people facing poverty, residents of group homes, hospital patients and more. Jobs may include social services assistant, case management aide, social work assistant, residential counselor, community support worker, alcohol or drug abuse counselor, mental health technician, child care worker, community outreach worker, life skill counselor or gerontology aide.

Career Opportunities

If you’re interested in a job that is different every day, allows you to interact directly with people, and has the potential to make a big impact on at-risk populations, the human services program at LCCC offers real-world, targeted training.

While many jobs in psychology require an advanced degree, the associate of applied science in human services from LCCC will prepare you for an entry-level position in the field and provide credits toward degrees at one of our partner universities or another four-year institution. You may select a human services generalist major or a major in gerontology assisting.

With an associate degree, you’ll be prepared to work as a case manager, child care worker, program aide, mental health technician, job coach, outreach worker or social service aide. You’ll work under the direction of professionals from a wide variety of fields, such as nursing, psychiatry, psychology, rehabilitation or social work.    

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