Counselors use knowledge in psychology, sociology, and human behavior to help their clients identify obstacles and challenges that affect their lives and then coach them through finding strategies and solutions. Counseling takes compassion, an understanding of human behavior, and excellent communication skills.

Being a counselor, life coach, or therapist can take many years of training, but the LCCC Counseling program can be a stepping stone toward that educational path. With advanced training, there are many career opportunities, including social services assistant, case management aide, social work assistant, residential counselor, community support worker, alcohol or drug abuse counselor, mental health technician, child care worker, community outreach worker, life skill counselor and gerontology aide.

LCCC’s Counseling program offers a short-term certificate, but many classes in this program can also apply to other programs in the Human/Social Services & Public Safety pathway

Counseling Programs at LCCC

Short-Term General Certificate:

Success Coaching and Mentoring


Short-Term Technical Certificate

Addiction Counselor


University Partnership Programs

Earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree – On LCCC’s Campus

Our Counseling Program courses are designed to transfer seamlessly to these university partnership programs:

   Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cleveland State University

   Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Youngstown State University

   Master of Science in Health and Human Services from Youngstown State University

   Master of Social Work from Youngstown State University

In addition, your credits may transfer to other four-year colleges and universities.

Transfer to another college or university

LCCC is a great place to start. You can complete the first years of your education at LCCC at our lower tuition rate and then transfer your credits to another college or university to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  Learn more about how to transfer LCCC credits to another college or university

Getting started while you’re still in high school

You don’t have to wait to graduate from high school to start earning college credit.

The College Credit Plus program offers you an opportunity to earn college credit as early as seventh grade. Courses are frequently offered on-site at local high schools. Students may also have the option of taking LCCC classes online or on our campus. Classes taken through CCP count for both high school and college credit and are FREE for most students. 

The MyUniversity program, a unique partnership between LCCC and area high schools, provides a pathway for high school students to the full college experience – starting in high school!

   Learn more about earning college credit in high school.