To begin the certificate you first need to apply to the college and be accepted. Once you are accepted to the college, you just start taking classes for the short term Addiction Counseling Certificate using the curriculum guide. If you have taken any of the general education courses previously at LCCC or at another college and received a C grade or higher, then they will count towards the certificate. (Ex: Psychology 151, Sociology 151, etc.) If you have questions about courses transferring contact Advising and ask for Arlena Lockard. Contact information is below.

NOTE:  The three Addiction Courses are offered both fall and spring semester–the curriculum guide is just set up to show how it can be completed in a year.  HMSR 132 and 232 are held only in the evenings during fall and spring semesters and both are land based only.  HMSR 111 is offered both semesters and summer day and evening during the Academic year but is a land based class.  HMSR 213 is offered fall and spring and is also only a land based course.  The general education courses are offered year-long both land-based and online.

There is an application process for the Practicum part of the Certificate which is HMSR 233.  NOTE: Students receive the application with directions that you must follow when you are in HMSR 132 and 232 by the instructor via course e-mail after the midterm.

This Short Term Certification is part of a workforce development program. There are a limited number of slots available each semester (fall & spring) and selection will be competitive. The criteria is as follows:

  • Self-directed learner with the ability to think critically (apply concepts)
  • Professionalism
  • Future professional plans and goals
  • Understanding your role as a change agent
  • High ethical standards
  • Received C grade or higher in all pre-requisites
  • Able to schedule the required 20 hours at the practicum site and participate in the weekly Case Class at LCADA and the weekly Practicum Seminar at the college, which meets 75 minutes a week (Day/Time TBD)

Answers to Common Questions about the Practicum:

  • Applicant must be accepted into HMSR 233  An applicant must complete an application (any responses that are found to be inaccurate will result in not being admitted or being removed from HMSR 233).
  • Acceptance is often not determined until the end of the semester that the student is applying–you can register for other courses but not for HMSR 233.  Due to needing to be accepted the Coordinator will arrange for enrollment into this course.
  • Applicant must complete a group interview, which will be scheduled with the Coordinator after reviewing all applications.
  • Applicant must have successfully completed (C grade or higher) all first semester courses: HMSR 111, HMSR 132, and PSYH 151 (Also, if needed, SDEV 101) See Counseling/Advising before applying, to confirm you have completed first semester pre-requisites. NOTE:  YOU CAN APPLY IF YOU ARE ENROLLED IN THE FIRST SEMESTER COURSES.  However, if you do not complete the course(s) successfully, you will not be accepted to HMSR 233 for the semester you’re applying for and if already accepted will be removed.
  • If recovering from an addiction, applicant must have a minimum of one year in recovery and not be on probation.
  • Will be required to complete and pass a background check and a drug test. (Information will be provided on this when interviewed)
  • Will be required to attend an orientation meeting at LCADA prior to starting (Date will be determined by LCADA)
  • The Practicum is 20 hours a week for a total of 300 hours–this is a semester long Practicum and even if you complete the 300 hours before the end of the semester you still continue to do 20 hours a week until the last week of the semester. This means you finish before Finals Week.
  • Accepted applicants are placed in one of the many programs at The LCADA Way. Applicants check their preference on the application and, although there is no guarantee you will be placed in the area you chose, all effort is made to place students where they requested.
  • HMSR 233 Practicum in Addiction Counseling is 4 credits.  Students are required to attend a weekly 75 minute Seminar at the college.
  • This is an intense Practicum so we do consider course load in addition to the Practicum and if also working.  These concerns are discussed with applicant.  However, we recommend for a successful experience that the applicant will have only one additional course when taking the Practicum, especially if working.

If you have specific questions about the program contact

Jennifer Kukis, Professor/Coordinator (please use e-mail for a quicker response)
(440) 366-7419

If you have questions regarding how to enroll, transferring credits, financial aid then contact Advising to schedule an appointment with:

Arlena Lockard, Advising
LC 158
(440) 366-4179