Persons holding immigrant status such as permanent resident, refugee, or asylum, may apply for admission for any enrollment term. Please use the LCCC domestic application.

A non-immigrant student is one who is a citizen of a country other than the United States, who is authorized to remain in the United States for a temporary period as an F1, J1 student and who intends to return to his or her home country.

Lorain County Community College is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Citizenship Enforcement Services to issue the required Certificate of Eligibility for F1 students (also known as the Form I-20), as well as the J1 Exchange Visitor visa (also known as the Form Ds-2019).

New international students will be considered for January (Spring) and August (Fall) semesters. Returning/Current students may also attend June (Summer) semester, but are not required to do so.
F1 and J1 visa students must retain full-time (12 or more credit hours) status at all times and remain in good academic standing.

Admission information is available in many different languages upon request.

In order to study as an F1 student at Lorain County Community College, you will need to meet the requirements below.


International Student Application Checklist

Use the following list to help you prepare your application. F1 and J1 applicants cannot apply online. International students seeking a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) must complete and submit the following information. If you are seeking a J1 student visa (DS-2019), please contact the Program Coordinator, MaryBeth Yates, for the proper application.

Be sure to submit the required documents by the deadlines listed below. You may submit your application packet by mail, email, or fax – to the attention of MaryBeth Yates, Program Coordinator (contact information listed below). You may also make an appointment to deliver your application in person if you are already residing in the United States and applying for a transfer or change of status.

Application processing, and the subsequent issue of an acceptance letter, may take 1 – 3 weeks. Students applying from overseas for an F1 or J1 student visa are not permitted to start in the summer semester.
You may view our current academic calendar, where you will find the most updated dates for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

Application Deadlines

  • SPRING SEMESTER (January – May)
    New Overseas Students – October 31
    Change of Status Applicants – October 31
    Transfer Students – December 1
  • FALL SEMESTER (August – December)
    New Overseas Students – June 30
    Change of Status Applicants – June 30
    Transfer Students – July 1


1) LCCC International Student Application Form     

The application must be filled in completely. You must include the complete street address of your residence in your home country (a post office box is not acceptable), home country telephone number, email address, as well as a secondary contact number of any local relative or sponsor in the United States.

Include your educational history in the correct section. Be sure to include the name, location, and dates of your attendance of secondary school (high school), as well as any post-secondary, university level, or English Language study.

The application must be signed and dated by the student applicant or it will not be accepted.


2) School Records

Where possible, you should submit official, certified school records – NOT PHOTOCOPIES. In most cases, you must submit documents issued by the school, ministry of education, the government, or other official office responsible for issuing school records. In the event that you cannot provide an original document, then a certified true copy or unofficial school record may be submitted.

You must prove successful secondary school completion (such as school grade report, diploma, graduation document, or secondary exam certificate results). Secondary school completion typically means at least twelve (12) years of education. Submit your final year grade report and exam results.

Include post-secondary, university level, or English language study information, educational reports, and/or grade reports.

Unofficial college or university transcripts are permissible for admission purposes. However, after you have been accepted, you will be instructed to submit official transcripts and instructed on how to request an evaluation.


3) Proof of Financial Eligibility

Students must have adequate funds to cover all expenses for the first full year of study with LCCC. You will also be asked to demonstrate this to the American Consulate officer who will consider your visa application during your visa interview.

Approximately $26,000 USD is required for each year of study. No financial aid, grants, or loans are available from LCCC. Students should not expect nor require employment income.

The International Student Financial Form (included in the LCCC International Student Application) must be completed and submitted along with an original bank letter from the sponsor’s bank or financial institution which includes the location of the bank, the sponsor’s account information (converted into US dollars), and signed by a bank official. You may also submit official bank statements, as long as the total is shown (or translated) in USD. Photocopies and scans that you make yourself are not acceptable. An original and official bank statement is required.
All financial documentation must be less than six (6) months old.


4) Passport and Visa information

Submit a photocopy of the passport signature page, showing the validity date and expiration date of your passport.

If you are a transfer applicant and currently in the United States:

Submit photocopies of your current visa documents – the visa stamp inside the passport, your I-94 documentation, your current I-20, and your current school grade or attendance information (if you are attending another institution).

Please note that if you are a transfer applicant, and your application packet is accepted for processing, you will be required to have additional forms completed. Those will be provided by the International office directly. If you have any questions about this, please contact MaryBeth Yates by phone, fax, or email.


5) English Language Ability

If English is not your first language, you will required to submit the results of an English language proficiency examination such as: TOEFLibt, IELTS, EIKEN, or ITEP. Please submit official scores dated within the past two years.

If sending scores directly from a testing center, please ask that they send the scores to:

Lorain County Community College
C/O MaryBeth Yates, Project Coordinator
1005 N. Abbe Rd
Elyria, OH 44035

Students who have met a certain level of English proficiency may be considered for regular admission. Students who have not met this level will be considered for English as a Second Language study prior to, or concurrently with, a limited number of regular courses.

The required minimums for English Language Proficiency are listed below:

Test Format Minimum Score
(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
iBT (internet-based test) 61 (for regular classes)
46 (for ESL classes)
(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
CBT (computer-based test)* 173 (for regular classes)
133-170 (for ESL classes)
(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
PBT (paper-based test)** 500 (for regular classes)
450 (for ESL classes)
(International English Language Testing System)
Academic Test* 5 (minimum for admission)
(International Test of English Proficiency)
Academic Test* 3 (minimum for admission)
(Global Test of English Communication)
CBT (computer-based test) 1051 (regular classes)
901-1050 (for ESL classes)
EIKEN Academic Test* 2A (for regular classes)
2 (for ESL classes)


*The computer-based TOEFL test (CBT) has been discontinued in some countries. However, these scores are good for two years beyond the testing date.

**These test scores are good for two years beyond the test date.

***LCCC does not accept Duolingo as an English Proficiency Exam.


6) Personal Essay

Submit a brief, personally written essay describing your previous English experiences and/or your academic goals in the United States. This may be handwritten or typed.

We ask that you download, print, and complete all forms, then scan them (and the relevant supporting documentation) and return them to MaryBeth Yates by email, fax, or mail.

MaryBeth Yates
Project Coordinator
International Initiatives
Fax: 001-440-366-4213
Mail: Lorain County Community
1005 N Abbe Rd
Elyria, OH 44035

Once your completed application packet and supporting documents have been received, the International Initiatives office will, upon acceptance, send you the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility or the DS-2019, which allows you to apply for your F1 and J1 visa. The I-20 or DS-2019 form (along with appropriate instructions) will be sent to you by courier service.

If you are a change of status or transfer student and in the area – an appointment will be set for you to meet with MaryBeth Yates and obtain your documentation.