Answers for International Students


What is a Community College?

Community Colleges offer several kinds of programs of interest to international students such as: University transfer programs, Technical programs, Job training programs, Basic skills programs, and Special interest programs.

International students are probably most interested in the first type of program on this list. Community colleges offer the first two years of a normal four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Thus, students who attend a community college can prepare themselves to transfer to a four-year institution by completing the lower division courses in the community college instead of the university.


What are the advantages for international students coming to the United States?

  • Easy, open admission policies
  • Wide selection of academic and technical programs
  • Basic skill courses including ESL
  • Supportive learning environment with small classes
  • Low cost tuition
  • Credits fully transferable to other colleges and universities


Which application do I use, the LCCC International Application or the LCCC Regular Application?

Only students desiring to attend school under an F-1 or J-1 visa type need to fill out the LCCC International Application. Students who are permanent residents or have other visa types fill out the LCCC Regular Application.


Who do I contact for information about learning English?

LCCC has an English as a Second Language program. You may contact:

Sharon Van Houte (speaks Spanish)

MaryBeth Yates

Shaun Marsh (speaks Korean)


If I am attending as an F-1 student, can I study English first?

You may study English (ESL courses) for a maximum of three semesters or eighteen months with an F-1 visa.


What do I need to do to obtain an F-1 visa?

Start the application procedure and make sure to follow the checklist.


Can I continue my education after I earn an associate degree?

Yes, with the University Partnership program you may earn a bachelor’s degree and in some cases a master’s degree in selected programs.


How much does it cost to attend LCCC?

Students who are studying at LCCC with an F-1 visa will pay Out-of-State tuition fees.


Does Lorain County Community College provide housing?

As a community college, LCCC does not have residence halls. We can, however, assist students in locating apartment complexes that are willing to rent to international students. If you have other specific needs, please contact the International office and we will be happy to try and assist you.


After I have submitted my application, how soon might I learn of my admission and receive the I-20 or DS-2019?

The International Initiatives office immediately processes all applications, creates the I-20 or DS-2019, and sends it by overseas courier service to you. Please submit your mailing address and a daytime telephone number for