Lorain County Community College offers “English As A Second Language” (ESL) courses at various levels in:

  • Reading
  • Composition
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation
  • American Culture

ESL classes will help you further your education and prepare you for a job, as well as help you to communicate more effectively.

Is ESL for Me?

ESL courses may be taken if you feel you need to further strengthen your English speaking, writing or comprehension skills. You may also be referred to the English as a Second Language Office for further testing and proper placement in ESL courses.

If you are an F-1 visa student, you may register for full-time ESL coursework, but you are also required to register for at least one credit hour of college level coursework. You may choose from PE, SDEV or other appropriate courses, depending on your English ability. Your academic advisor will work with you on your course selection and registration.

ESL Software available

Students registered in the ESL courses at LCCC are eligible to use the English Language Learning and Instruction System (ELLIS) software in the college’s computer laboratories. ELLIS combines the technology of computer-assisted training with established instructional theory. Software is provided for three levels: introductory, middle mastery and senior mastery. Each program contains several lessons relevant to everyday situations. Each lesson develops students’ grammar, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation and understanding of American culture.

Master pronunciation software enables students to practice the vowel or consonant sounds that give them the most difficulty. Students can record their voices and compare their pronunciation to the software audio. The pronunciation activity uses video models to allow students to see how sounds are formed. For even greater detail, ELLIS provides animated graphics that illustrate where to place the teeth, tongue and lips to pronounce different sounds.

Tutoring in ESL

Like all other programs and classes in which the college’s Academic Support Center offers tutoring, ESL tutoring is absolutely free. You’ll find it easy to get help, not only in practicing conversation in English, but with other subjects like mathematics and science as well. Students who are interested in tutoring services should contact the Tutoring Center at the Academic Support Center located in the Library on campus.

Students Speak About Their LCCC Experiences

“The buildings are nice, and I can get help whenever I need it from the tutors available here.” – Milton Corredor, Columbia

“With ESL, my English has improved tremendously. I am doing very well in my classes now.” – Victoria Vekassy, Hungary

“This is my dream come true – to go to school in the U.S. Everything is so different here – everything!” – Eliza Felix-Morales, Mexico

“English has made me realize how important it is to continue to improve my language skills if I want to be successful in college.” – Muriel Garcia, Puerto Rico

“My pronunciation has progressed in ESL classes because in Japan we didn’t have listening or pronunciation classes in school.” – Yoko Maeda, Japan