Addendum for Computer-Based TOEFL Scores

The following is a new LCCC TOEFL admission criteria for F-1 visa students:

  • For regular admission to LCCC, international students need to achieve 173 or higher on the TOEFL CPT (computer based test)(comparable to the paper based TOEFL score of 500). Students will still be required to complete the AccuplacerĀ  placement process for proper placement in college level courses. ESL courses may be taken in the student feels they need to further strengthen their English speaking, writing, or comprehension skills.
  • For conditional admission to LCCC, international students need to achieve between 170-133 TOEFL CBT (comparable to the paper based TOEFL range of 450 o 499). These students will continue to be referred to the ESL office for further testing and proper placement in ESL classes. Students on an F1 visa may register for full-time ESL coursework, but are also required by INS law, to register for at least 1 credit hour of college level coursework. (This may include orientation, PE, SDEV, or other appropriate courses, depending on the English ability of the student. Dr Annouska Remmert, Brian, and our academic advisors work together on this registration matter.)
  • TOEFL scores are now recorded on the CMDS Applicant Information screen, page 5, for any LCCC staff and faculty needing access to such information and who have access to that screen.
  • Students who have completed the paper-pencil TOEFL test, within the last year, will be admitted using the previously established TOEFL scores (500 or higher for regular admission, 499-450 for conditional admission), as published in the 1998-99 LCCC catalog.