Computer and IT Pathway

Nationally, one of the hottest career fields is computer and information technologies. From small startups, to blue-chip corporations, to new-tech companies such as Google and Amazon, tech is leading the new economy. People with IT skills are in high demand in Cleveland and many other urban centers across the country.

Computer and information technology is a rich subject that can take you in many different directions. You may focus on the complex infrastructure of hardware and networks, or you may take a more creative path through interactive and digital media. Either way, you must enjoy being a problem solver, thinking analytically, and continuing to learn throughout your career.

The LCCC Computer & Information Technologies Pathway includes programs in all of these areas and will prepare you to work in any industry impacted by tech – which is just about all of them.

Program categories in this pathway:

Computer Science, Engineering & Technologies

Computer Security

Hardware Maintenance & Information System Support

Interactive & Digital Media

Network Systems

Software & Mobile Application Development

Web Development


Transfer Opportunities

LCCC’s Program and Career Pathways include transfer programs for Computer and Information Technology. This ensures that much of your coursework will transfer to one of our partner universities or many other four-year colleges. Click on the categories above to learn more about transfer opportunities.