Blockchain is a fast-growing new technology that allows data – particularly, financial transactions – to be distributed but not copied. Originally developed for the digital currency Bitcoin, new uses for blockchain technology continue to emerge every day. 

The blockchain program provides a solid foundation in the principles of blockchain technology, with an emphasis on the development, deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting of blockchains, distributed applications and smart contracts. Along with a broad general information technology background, students are given comprehensive information and training in computer programming languages that are pertinent to blockchain technology and related applications.

Typical job titles include: blockchain developer, blockchain architect, blockchain smart contract and distributed applications specialist, blockchain system integrator and applications specialist. 

Programs and Curriculum Guides

Blockchain Bootcamp 1

Blockchain Bootcamp 2

Blockchain Engineering Technology – One-year Technical Certificate

Associate of Applied Science, Blockchain Major

Online Option Available – Can be Completed Online 

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