As our world becomes increasingly digital and everything from accounting to workforce management moves online, computer security is growing more important and more scrutinized. Job opportunities in this field are multiplying, and salaries are growing.

With training in computer technology and digital forensics, you can work in prevention by working to secure existing systems, law enforcement, and even investigations. Depending on your specific focus within LCCC’s Computer Security program, you may receive training in network management, accounting, criminal investigation and law, or data recovery. Either way, you’ll have highly focused, technical skills suitable for the workforce.

The program offers short-term certificates that can be earned in one semester, one-year certificates, and an Associate Degree. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.  

Computer Security Programs

Certificate of Completion

Digital Forensics and CompTIA +Security Certification Preparation  

Short-Term Certificates:

Cyber Security Bootcamp I

Information Security for Business

Network Security Foundations

One-Year Certificates

Computer & Digital Forensics

Business Forensics Investigations – Certificate

Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

Associate Degrees

Computer Engineering Technology – Computer & Digital Forensics

Business Forensics Investigations Degree

Cyber and Information Security