Get Credit for IT Experience Already Earned


Competency Based Education Network Member Designation 2020-2021

LCCC students can now earn credit for what they already know while working at their own pace in information technology courses that are mapped directly to industry certifications through the new Validate IT program.

These certificate programs are competency-based, project-based, and directly applicable in the workplace. The curricula connect directly to labor market needs and are validated by employers nationwide.

Students who successfully complete the Validate IT programs of study through this online education option receive full college credit from LCCC. The certificates and degrees available through the Validate IT program at LCCC are:

  • Computer and digital forensics
  • Computer applications integration specialist
  • Computer maintenance and networking

Eleven digital forensics, networking, computer maintenance and A+ certification courses are available for students in the Validate IT program. Each course includes multiple learning modules that cover specific competencies. Competencies are learning outcomes that must be mastered to progress in each course. Courses include:

  • CMNW 101       
  • CMNW 120
  • CMNW 121
  • CMNW 141(H)
  • CMNW 145         
  • CMNW 201         
  • CMNW 221
  • CMNW 223
  • CMNW 224         
  • CMNW 247
  • CMNW 241(H)

View CMNW course descriptions.  (Only courses listed above qualify for Validate IT.)


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