Web developers design and create websites. They may be responsible for creating the look of the site, write the code that runs the site, and are often responsible for technical aspects such as speed, data storage, and traffic capacity. Many are self-employed or work at agencies, while others work on-site for a specific organization.

In LCCC’s Web Development program, you’ll learn a variety of the design and programming skills necessary to develop both conventional and database-driven websites. You’ll be exposed to the fundamentals of web architecture and learn basic multimedia skills. The goal is to prepare you for work in this fast-growing and challenging industry.

You may earn short-term certificates in one semester as well as an Associate Degree. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.

Web Development Programs

Short-Term Certificates

Computer Information Systems – Web Design Fundamentals

Computer Information Systems – Web Programming Fundamentals


Associate Degrees

Web Development Degree


University Partnership

Earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree on LCCC’s Campus


Ohio University

University of Akron

University of Toledo

Western Governors University