Testing and Assessment Center at the LCCC Wellington Center

The Testing and Assessment Center at the LCCC Wellington Center is a one-stop location for students in southern Lorain County.  Students can take the Placement Assessment, online exams and proctored exams for LCCC, University Partnership and residents of the surrounding community.

Testing Services Available

  • Placement Assessment
  • Online Exams
  • Proctored Exams

Placement Assessment

The Placement Assessment, administered to most incoming LCCC students, is available at the LCCC Wellington Center.  Students taking the Accuplacer Assessment will be assessed in three subjects:  Writing, Reading and Mathematics.  To complete the entire assessment in one sitting, students should plan for four hours. Students must bring a photo ID to be assessed. A built-in calculator is provided into the assessment test. All other testing materials are provided.

Learn More on Placement Assessment


Online Exams

Students are welcome to use the Testing and Assessment Center for online exams, even if the exam does not require proctoring.  Simply stop at the LCCC Wellington Center and ask the staff to be admitted to the lab. 

Proctored Exams

The LCCC Wellington Center is pleased to administer a proctored exam to any student.  Students should have their instructor make arrangements with the LCCC Wellington Center prior to your arrival.  There is no fee for LCCC students and University Partnership students (when taking an exam related to their UP program).

A nominal fee is assessed for proctored exams that are not directly associated with LCCC or the University Partnership. 

Registration and Fees for Proctored Exams


Student Guidelines

  • Students must present a photo identification card, such as an LCCC student ID or driver’s license.  To protect your privacy, an LCCC student ID is suggested.  This form of ID can be obtained at the Wellington Computer Lab or at the LCCC Library.
  • Students who are registered with LCCC Accessibility Services will need to make arrangement through the Accessibility Services Office at (440) 366-4124.  Accomodations will be provided on an as-needed basis.
  • For exams not related to LCCC or the University Partnership, a test fee may apply.  Visit http://www.lorainccc.edu/testingservices for information, registration and payment options.
  • Students are welcome to contact the LCCC Wellington Center at (440) 647-1776 to ensure an exam has been received at the Wellington Testing and Assessment Center.
  • No children are allowed in the Testing and Assessment Center.
  • No food and/or drinks are permitted in the Testing and Assessment Center.
  • Students are not permitted to converse in the Testing and Assessment Center.  Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or placed in the ‘Ringer Off’ mode and kept in your backpack or purse while testing.
  • Students should come prepared with #2 pencils, pens, erasers, calculators or other material permitted by an instructor to take tests.  All other belongings (coats, hats, books, backpacks, etc.) will be kept at the front desk during the assessment.
  • The Testing and Assessment Center proctors have the authority to assign seating for students taking tests.