Fast Facts – FAQ

University Partnership Ridge Campus

Fast Facts

The University Partnership Ridge Campus (UPRC) is built on a 6.8-acre site between Lorain and Cook roads along North Ridgeville’s Interstate 480 corridor. The 46,000 square foot, three-story building features an eco-friendly roof and parking lot with 378 spaces. The facility has seven general instruction learning studios (four of which are equipped with interactive video distance learning, or IVDL technology) , and six dedicated instructional labs for the various course offerings. The building also features individual and group study spaces, meeting rooms, and a computer center that is open to the public.

The center has a strong University Partnership presence, and students are able to complete bachelor’s degrees from multiple partnership institutions.  The University of Toledo’s Computer Science and Engineering bachelor’s program is located at the UPRC.  The Computer Science and Engineering program helps to fill a regional demand for employees in the IT/Engineering sector, helping to fulfill two of LCCC’s cornerstones—Education and Economic Development. 

The LCCC program focus at the center is on business and IT certificates and degrees, including the digital forensics and computer application integration specialist programs. UPRC hosts opportunities in Allied Health and Nursing, including a Patient Simulation Learning Center and a new associate degree program in Health Information Technology.

UPRC is home to the Digital Forensics Institute, providing services to various government agencies and private companies. Its primary service is investigation into data loss and computer misuse. The service is available to law-enforcement agencies, criminal prosecutors, private attorneys and insurance companies. Learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an entrance on Lorain Road and Cook Road?
There are entrances from both Lorain and Cook Roads to access UPRC.   However, access is only available to enter from Lorain Road traveling east or to exit onto Lorain Road traveling east.  Westbound Lorain Road traffic should turn left at the Cook Road intersection and proceed to the UPRC entrance on Cook Rood.

Is there a library at UPRC?
There is not a library at UPRC; however, students will have access to OHIOLink via the internet.

Is financial aid assistance available at UPRC?
Yes!  Both financial aid and academic advising are available at UPRC.

What is the policy for closing the campus due to inclement weather?
Emergency closings for UPRC follow the Elyria campus—if the main campus classes are canceled, classes at UPRC will be canceled.  Additionally, there may be times when UPRC may close while Elyria remains open.  To receive notifications from LCCC, visit to sign up for a free emergency text messaging service.

Will there be security at UPRC, ie: cameras in the parking lot, and throughout the building?
UPRC is equipped with security cameras throughout the building and parking lot.  The parking lot is also be equipped with emergency phones.

How will we get our books?
Students can order their books online and choose UPRC dropship to have books delivered to UPRC.  Students can also visit the Elyria campus to buy books and supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions – Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

How are repairs for hardware such as scopes and meters be handled? 
Repairs for hardware are be handled by the same policies and procedures, and by the same personnel, as the Elyria campus.

What is the size of the SUN lab, and are white boards available for student use?
The new SUN lab’s dimensions are similar to the SUN lab when located at the Elyria campus. White boards are available.

Can students have access to an open hardware lab in addition to the SUN lab?
At this time, 24/7 access to a hardware lab is not available at UPRC.  However, we will try to accommodate student needs by providing a sufficient amount of open access to the lab.