You may have seen stickers or signs across campus labeled as a “SafeZone.”  This means a person in the area is open to talking about and being supportive of LGBTQA+ issues and identities.

SafeZone decals are placed in an area after an individual nearby has gone through the SafeZone training and has committed to welcoming LGBTQA+ individuals, spreading awareness, and continuing their own education on the related issues.

LGBTQA+ individuals may sometimes question whether or not they will feel safe in a new classroom or work space.  Lorain County Community College is committed to ensuring all people are welcomed and included on this campus regardless of identity.  Each time you see a SafeZone decal know that you are safe in that space.

View SafeZone Training Dates and Register


LCCC’s Safe Zone Ambassadors

Kevin Cloud
Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Communications
(440) 366-7635

Kei Graves
Academic Advisor, Enrollment & Career Services
(440) 366-4103

Debbie Turner
Administrative Associate, Human Resources
(440) 366-7522

Angie LaGrotteria
Instructor, Police Academy
Adjunct Instructor, Women’s Studies

Aimee Dickinson
Associate Professor of Sociology
(440) 366-7876

Arlena Lockard
Career and Academic Advisor, Enrollment Services
(440) 366-4179