You may have seen stickers or signs across campus labeled as a “SafeZone.”  This means a person in the area is open to talking about and being supportive of LGBTQA+ issues and identities.

SafeZone decals are placed in an area after an individual nearby has gone through the SafeZone training and has committed to welcoming LGBTQA+ individuals, spreading awareness, and continuing their own education on the related issues.

LGBTQA+ individuals may sometimes question whether or not they will feel safe in a new classroom or work space.  Lorain County Community College is committed to ensuring all people are welcomed and included on this campus regardless of identity.  Each time you see a SafeZone decal know that you are safe in that space.

LCCC hosts SafeZone trainings every semester.  For upcoming training dates and for more information please email or check out the Events Page.


LCCC’s Safe Zone Ambassadors

Kevin Cloud
Administrative Assistant, Marketing
(440) 366-7635

Kei Graves
Academic Advisor, Enrollment & Career Services
(440) 366-4103

Debbie Turner
Administrative Associate, Human Resources
(440) 366-7522

Angie LaGrotteria
Instructor, Police Academy
Adjunct Instructor, Women’s Studies

Aimee Dickinson
Associate Professor of Sociology
(440) 366-7876

Arlena Lockard
Career and Academic Advisor, Enrollment Services
(440) 366-4179

Emily Szilágyi
Staff Associate, Social Sciences and Human Services Division
(440) 366-7769