Liberal and Creative Arts Pathway

As one of the original pillars of higher learning, the liberal arts prepare you to think – creatively and effectively. They provide you a broad, well-rounded educational experience that includes the arts, exploration of philosophies and theories, written expression, and exceptional communication skills. These studies translate into exceptional skills in dealing with people and can be valuable in a wide variety of industries and careers. They also prepare you to continue your studies at a four-year institution by teaching you excellent study habits and critical thinking.

In fact, our associate of arts degree guarantees your acceptance into any four-year college or university in Ohio to complete your bachelor’s degree. Graduates find careers in such fields as journalism, marketing, literature, music, photography, theatre, religion, philosophy, foreign language, digital arts and much more.

Program categories in this pathway

Digital Arts 

Fine Arts

Foreign Languages


Journalism & Communication




Transfer Programs – Associate of Arts Degree  

If your goal is to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree, LCCC is a great place to start. You can complete the first years of your education and earn an Associate of Arts Degree at LCCC at our lower tuition rate and then transfer your credits to another college or university to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.