Computer animation is a growing field. No longer thought of as just the tools of cartoonists and hobbyists, digital animation is now used on web sites, in the entertainment industry, in video games, and in instructional materials for everyone from young students to doctors.

In this one-year certificate program, you’ll take courses in art, design, digital art, and software development. You’ll learn to storyboard, design, and develop 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics. You’ll also complete fundamental college learning courses, providing you with a well-rounded background.

Successful completion of this certificate will prepare you to work as an independent animator or motion designer or for entry-level employment in film, television, web, music videos, gaming, and instructional design. You may also further your studies at a four-year college or university, if desired.

Certification is also well suited for individuals with professional experience seeking to add to their current skill set.    

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