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The humanities are one of the earliest formalized fields of study. Since humans have been able to record and communicate knowledge, we have studied philosophy, reasoning, religion, art and the nature of the human mind. Today, humanities may not have the glamour of computer science or the draw of healthcare,  but they are still a critical part of college learning.

In fact, humanities studies develop your critical thinking, reading, research and written communication skills. They provide you with a broad knowledge of some of the most important and enduring aspects of human culture, and they have been said to teach you how to learn. A knowledge of humanities is useful for the further academic study of human behavior, history, literature, art, music and all aspects of human culture.

The humanities program offers a one-year certificate, but many classes in this program can also apply to other programs in the Liberal & Creative Arts pathway. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.

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