LCCC Grad Thrives at Cleveland Institute of Art

Isabella Piechota

Isabella Piechota thrives as a senior biomedical art major at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She credits part of her success in the program to graduating from LCCC in 2015 with her associate of arts. The 21-year-old is also working as an intern for the Center for Injury Research, a nonprofit organization aimed at saving lives and mitigating injury through physical testing and virtual modeling.

Her art professors were very supportive. “They helped me hone my art skills and attentiveness to different aspects such as gesture, muscle, composition and color theory,” Piechota said. In addition, Professor Nancy Halbrooks was very supportive of what I wanted to do (medical illustration) because I was interested in both the arts and medical field. She recommended me schools that specialized in medical illustration and helped me learn important techniques that would assist me in the art world and when I got to the Cleveland Institute of Art.” 

Piechota is excited that the use of medical illustration varies broadly from use in journal articles, technical papers, conference presentations and court exhibits. Currently, Piechota is illustrating the crash test dummies used in physical tests to display how lifelike the dummies are to humans.