What do I need to check out a laptop or iPad?
You will need a current LCCC/Student ID card and a Current Driver’s License or State ID. In addition, you will need to complete and sign the respective borrowing policy:

Who can check out a laptop or iPad?
Current LCCC or University Partnership students, faculty, or staff.

Where can I check out a laptop or iPad?
At the Circulation Desk located on the second floor of the LCCC Bass Library.

How long do I get the laptop or iPad?
Up to 2 hours depending on when you check it out, with a renewal for an additional two hours depending availability.

Can I renew?
Yes, you may have another renewal if other laptops or iPads are available for checkout.

When can I checkout a laptop or iPad?

During Library Hours

What if the laptop or iPad is damaged or stolen while I have it checked out?
While the laptop is checked out to you, it is your responsibility. You can be charged for any repair or replacement costs up to and including the full replacement cost of the laptop ($1,252) or more and $777 or more for the iPad, plus a $100 processing fee.

Can I use the laptops or iPads to access the Internet?
Yes. The laptops and iPads are wireless and may used anywhere on the second and third floors of the Bass Library. The laptops will print to the print workstations located near the Information Commons area.