LCCC/Student IDs are made at the LCCC Bass Library Circulation desk. A photo ID, birth certificate or Social Security card is required to get an LCCC ID.

Library barcodes are found on the front of your LCCC/Student ID. Your ID MUST be renewed each term when you register for classes.

E-Learning students: Contact the Library at 440-366-4026 to have the LCCC/Student ID mailed to you.

Learning Center students: For students taking courses at a satellite learning center, the learning center staff will take your picture and gather the required information for your ID. The ID will be mailed to you.

Community members: Community ID cards are available to local residents with a valid photo ID at the LCCC Bass Library Circulation desk. Community cards are good for four years.

NOTE: Library barcodes are NOT available on the Digital ID.

Create a Digital ID – Keep Your LCCC ID on Your Phone