A Journal of the Creative Writing Institute of Lorain County Community College

Summer, 2023




Welcome to the North Coast Review

The North Coast Review is a literary journal dedicated to publishing a wide range of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, articles, essays, commentary, reviews and artwork by students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Lorain Country Community College. In addition, the journal will provide information about literary events on our campus, and about creative writing offerings in our curriculum. The Creative Writing Institute also sponsors workshops and master classes, free to residents of Lorain and Cuyahoga counties; dates of future workshops will be announced in these pages.

We hope that this publication will serve as an invitation to all of those eligible to submit their work for consideration.



  • Kim Karshner, Professor of English, Lorain County Community College


Editorial Board

  • Bruce Weigl, Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing, Lorain County Community College
  • Brenda Pongracz, Interim Associate Provost, University Partnership, and Dean of Arts & Humanities, Lorain County Community College
  • Greg Little, Associate Professor of Art and Director of VR/AR Research and Development, Lorain County Community College


Graphic Design

Thank you to the LCCC art students who created the artwork that was used for the banner and button images for our NCR web pages:

  • Ruwaidah “Rory” Barhoum, the “Tree Spirit” (series)
  • Alexandros “Alex” Nicolaou, “Birdie”
  • Heather Buck, ““Shashini”
  • Arianna Rivera, “Me and Thalia”


Technical Support

  • Lori Martin
  • Joseph Querin


Editorial/Submission Guidelines


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