Melody Steiner


The answer is:

The problem isn’t solvable.

When x = yesterday

and y = i loved you

X + Y should cancel

each other out,

amounting to a

sum of 0, or, z,

or ‘it’s all in the past.’


However, in this instance,

a hidden variable,

perhaps a squared root,

means x equals ‘yesterday’

but also periodically

‘in bursts today’ and ‘the

probability is high

for the foreseeable future.’

X factor, you see.


Y actually equals

‘i loved you’ but

also ‘sometimes i

still love you’ and

‘will love you.’

Therefore, the

z sum of the two

figures combined

is 0 but also > 0

and occasionally

multiplied by 10.


Exceptions. Exceptional.

I was never good at math, anyway.