Press Release
Posted May 28, 2020


Alexis McGillivray, 23, of Elyria chose to earn her bachelor’s degree through LCCC’s University Partnership because it gave her the opportunity to earn a degree that is “both thorough and affordable.”

Alexis McGillivray
Alexis McGillivray

McGillivray will earn a Bachelor of Science in computer science and engineering from the University of Toledo through LCCC’s University Partnership this summer.

“This degree through the UP has prepared me for my job of electronics engineer at NASA’s Plum Brook Station (in Sandusky).”

Earning the degree through the University Partnership was a lot less expensive she said.

“I recently reviewed the cost that I would’ve had to pay to get the same degree from the main campus in Toledo, and the partnership was a quarter of that cost,” she said.

McGillivray also enjoyed the community atmosphere she found at LCCC.

“I loved the community atmosphere and smaller class sizes,” she said. “I also liked that we had our own computer lab to complete projects and get to know each other.”

McGillivray added that the community atmosphere also aided her in making a very personal decision. “I dealt with coming out during my college years, which led to some difficult and beautiful moments,” she said.