Press Release
Posted June 29, 2021

Lorain County Community College (LCCC)’s University Partnership Ridge Campus (UPRC) in North Ridgeville serves as a local extension of the institution and now the campus building also holds a special spot in the child-sized replica of North Ridgeville’s Safetyville.A model of LCCC

Safetyville educates 5- and 6-year-olds on safety skills involving traffic and pedestrian activity through play in a miniature village.

Joe Martin, UPRC coordinator, utilized LCCC’s Campana Center for Ideation and Invention for help in designing and building a replica of the unique structure to go in Safetyville, he said. The Campana Center is a maker-space open to the public.

“As an educational institution, I thought it was important to have LCCC represented in Safetyville and a replica of the University Partnership Ridge Campus building was a great way to do that,” Martin said.

Safetyville utilizes toy vehicles, working streetlights, sidewalks, crosswalks, railroad crossings, and replicas of local buildings to help children learn safety skills. “In addition, Safetyville also teaches kids about stranger danger, the use of the 911 emergency system, and drug and fire safety,” Martin said.

Safetyville, sponsored by the North Ridgeville Police Department as a community service program, is conducted each year in June. The Rotary Club of North Ridgeville provides volunteers that oversee additions, repairs, and maintenance of Safetyville. Martin is a member of the Rotary Club.

Safetyville is located in located in North Ridgeville’s South Central Park on the south side of Bainbridge Road. Learn more about Safetyville.

The UPRC is home to the Health Simulation Center, EMS/paramedic program, Advanced Digital Forensics Institute and University of Toledo’s Computer Science and Engineering Partnership. In addition to many outstanding programs, the building houses many of LCCC’s University Partnership programs. The partnership, the first of its kind in Ohio, allows students to take classes at LCCC to earn four-year degrees from a partnership colleges and universities.

Lorain County Community College’s University Partnership Ridge Campus is located at 32121 Lorain Road, North Ridgeville.