Press Release
Posted March 27, 2018

Biology students from Professor Harry Kestler’s and Associate Professor Kathy Durham’s microbiology courses at Lorain County Community College made their mark this past weekend at the Ohio Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) meeting at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

A large group of students and professors.
LCCC Biology students and faculty at Ohio American Society for Microbiology 2018

Seven of the students – including four Lorain County Early College High School students – participated in six presentations during the one-day research event on Saturday, March 24. Student Weizhuan He won an Ohio Branch ASM Award for pre-college research excellence. “I am so grateful for this award,” she said. “Thanks go to my mentor Dr. Harry Kestler and teammate Kayla Zamborsky.”

“LCCC had 23 students attend this research meeting and as usual our students’ presentations were some of the best, including those that were delivered by our Early College High School students,” said Kestler. “This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to present and defend their research in front of peers.”

The American Society for Microbiology is an organization that promotes and sponsors almost every aspect of microbiology like medical microbiology, clinical microbiology, veterinary microbiology and environmental microbiology. “Each state has its own chapter and LCCC is a member of the Ohio branch ASM. LCCC has the only community college student chapter in the nation and is the only chapter where high school students are members,” Kestler added.

AMS chapters give students the opportunity to hone presentation skills, develop leadership, collaborate with peers, and network with students, faculty, industry and clinical laboratories.

The LCCC students who presented at the ASM conference were:
Hannah Newsome (Early College), Riley Figueroa (Early College), Weizhuan He, Audra Fincham, Ashley Innes, Dulce Cintron (Early College) and Mia Diaz (Early College).

The other students who attended the meeting were: Octavia Allen Whitfield (Early College), Jennifer Ortega (Early College), Kayla Zamborsky, Austyn Lilly, Leena Boone (Early College), Raquel Dauch, Taylor Webber, Eleana Cintron (Early College), Nicole Kern, Deanna Leatherwood (Early College), Arianna Diaz (Early College), Alexa Plantado, Jacob Wyatt, Tramanh Wong and Zoey Lias.

Four LCCC faculty accompanied the students to the meeting, including Kestler, Durham, Michelle Neudeck, and Steve Lias.

Next year’s Ohio ASM meeting will be held at LCCC. “We’re really looking forward to next year to show off our great campus and students,” Kestler said.

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