Press Release
Posted December 20, 2017

“Every time a bell rings, a student gets their wings,” according to Lorain County Community College Associate Provost of Enrollment Management and Student Success Stephanie Sutton.

Walk through LCCC’s Bass Library building any day of the week and you’re likely to hear the familiar clang of bells. That’s because every time a student completes a milestone, like landing an internship or filing for graduation, LCCC celebrates by ringing a bell and calling out the student’s achievement.

Sutton recently rang the bell for Phil Mitcheff, a 33-year-old student from Lorain who filed his paperwork to graduate this December with an associate degree in manufacturing engineering technology – industrial mechanical technician. Mitcheff came to LCCC in 2015 after being laid off from a steel mill job. He hopes to land a job working at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

A man and woman stand together, The man is ringing a bell on the wall.
LCCC student Phil Mitcheff rings the bell with LCCC Associate Provost of Enrollment Management and Student Success Stephanie Sutton.

“It was difficult at first because I was going back to school after working for so long,” Mitcheff said. It was the assistance and support of his advisors who helped him reach his graduation goal, he said.

That level of personal attention is a priority at LCCC, Sutton said. Each student at LCCC is assigned to an advisor or counselor who helps them every step of the way – and that includes celebrating successes, Sutton said.

“We know how hard our students work, so it’s important for us all to celebrate each time a student reaches their goals,” Sutton said. “When we have a student who has reached a milestone, we call out their name and what their success is and then we ring the bell. We all come out of our offices and cheer along with the student.”

When Jeromy Nget, 20 from North Ridgeville, stopped in to meet with his academic counselor, Bernadette Colegrove, he was planning to find out how many more classes he had to take on his degree pathway. He was happily surprised to find out he has already completed the coursework to earn two certificates and an associate degree in business management. Colegrove called out his achievement and rang the bell.

A man and woman stand together. The man is ringing a bell on the wall.
LCCC student Jeremy Nget rings the bell with his LCCC academic counselor Bernadette Colegrove.

“It was pretty exciting to get to ring the bell. It shows all the hard work I’ve done,” Nget said.

Nget plans to transfer to Cleveland State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business.

“The bell is a symbol of celebration and joy. I’m so pleased to be able to ring the bell for Jeromy as he applied for graduation,” Colegrove said.

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