Press Release
Posted May 21, 2019

LCCC nursing graduate Olivia Saflund received the Florence Nightingale Student Nurse Award for Nursing Excellence at the Sunday, May 19 pinning ceremony recognizing new nursing graduates at Bowling Green State University Firelands campus, which hosts a partnership that allows students to earn their associate of nursing degrees from Lorain County Community College at Firelands.

Saflund, a Berlin Heights resident, “worked in a way to inspire and motivate those around her by volunteering to help tutor students, working in the simulation lab and assisting in moving equipment into the new lab,” Firelands BGSU Coordinator Hope Moon said. “She has a natural gift to lead and will offer much to the nursing profession.”

The Florence Nightingale Student Nurse Award for Nursing Excellence is awarded to a student each semester who has demonstrated excellence in the clinical area caring for patients and in their leadership abilities. “The nursing faculty votes for the graduating student nurse that they see as an emerging professional and a future leader in nursing,” LCCC nursing instructor Mary Grady said. Nightingale fundamentally changed the role of nursing in hospitals, and was a key figure in giving nursing a highly favorable reputation.

“Florence Nightingale said that ‘nursing is an art and a science,’ and the individual selected for this LCCC nursing award represents in their actions and behaviors these concepts,” Grady added. Larry Castaneda was awarded the Florence Nightingale award for students at the LCCC campus in Elyria during the May 16 pinning ceremony.

Nursing pinning ceremonies are a long-standing traditions at nursing schools. The tradition became a standard practice in U.S. nursing schools by 1916. The ceremony signifies the official acceptance into the sisterhood and brotherhood of nursing. Students graduated Saturday, May 18 at LCCC.