Press Release
Posted March 13, 2020

Lorain County Community College professor and virus expert Harry Kestler, Ph.D., shared next steps for lessening the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Kestler is a microbiology professor at LCCC and has 35 years of experience as a molecular virologist, the study of viruses at the molecular level. In the second installment of a video series about COVID-19, Kestler shared next steps for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting Ohio. As of Thursday afternoon, five cases had been confirmed in the state.

“We are about to be hit with a storm and I want us to weather it well,” Kestler said.

Kestler said it’s important for those who develop symptoms to think about where they were in the preceding days and to inform those they came in contact with. It typically takes 5 days from exposure to disease, he said.

LCCC and many other colleges in the state have made the proactive decision to move classes to online formats in response to COVID-19 cases in Ohio. By slowing the spread, Kestler said the United States can avoid a large spike in cases, which would overwhelm the country’s health system. By practicing proactive measures, like social distancing, Kestler said the US can keep COVID-19 cases as a manageable level.

He stressed the importance of not spreading the virus to elderly people, who are experiencing a higher death rate from COVID-19.

“This is about trying to keep as many grandmas as possible out of the hospital,” Kester said.

Prior to his position at LCCC, Kestler was a tenure-track faculty member at the Lerner Medical College of the Cleveland Clinic. Prior to that, he held a faculty position in the department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Harvard Medical School.

Kestler, who is affectionately known to his students at The Microprof, encouraged students and the public to wash their hands and avoid touching their face.

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