Press Release
Posted April 26, 2021

The pathway to an in-demand career can begin in high school for many students, including Esteban Rubin Massari. By taking career-technical dual enrollment programs through Lorain County Community College, Massari and students across Lorain County are on track for rewarding careers.

Esteban Massari sits in front of an LCCC banner
Esteban Massari

Massari, 18, will graduate from Lorain High School in May. Over the past four years, he’s accumulated college credit through LCCC’s College Tech Prep and College Credit Plus programs delivered through his high school. These programs allow students to earn technical certificates, industry-recognized credentials, and complete credit toward an associate degree in their chosen field. Designed in collaboration with local business and industry, Tech Prep offers students the opportunity to learn a skill that prepares them for high-skill, high-wage, in-demand careers in Northeast Ohio.

Through career exploration built into his Tech Prep courses, Massari sampled a variety of technical career options including automation, computer security, advanced manufacturing, and engineering. Ultimately, Massari settled on automation and hopes to become a robotics specialist.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to take both College Credit Plus and College Tech Prep classes,” Massari said. “In high school, we worked with different types of machines. What stuck with me the most was the automated engineering.”

LCCC’s dual enrollment programs helped Massari get a head start on his career and he will graduate with college credit already earned toward his associate degree. Massari is committed to continuing his education at LCCC in the fall, where he plans to pursue an associate of applied science degree in automation engineering technology – maintenance/repair. It’s a degree that will allow him to work in the manufacturing sector of the future.

“Taking College Tech Prep or College Credit Plus through LCCC while in high school gives students like Esteban a variety of options after they graduate. Students are prepared for entrance into the workforce and for continuing their educational pursuits through enrollment at LCCC or other institutions,” said LCCC President Marcia J. Ballinger, Ph.D.

Over the past five years, College Tech Prep students at Lorain High School have earned over 5,000 college credits from LCCC, which is valued at a savings of $932,111.

As College Tech Prep students transition to LCCC, scholarships are available, such as Choose Ohio First, as well as other incentives to cover the cost of their education and industry-recognized credentials. Additionally, students can participate in LCCC’s Earn and Learn programs, where they can work in their field while earning their degree.

For more information about LCCC’s dual enrollment options, including College Tech Prep, College Credit Plus, and more, visit College Credit for High School Students.