LCCC understands that a student may have educational expenses beyond those already accounted for in their standard Cost of Attendance (COA) for the academic year. For that reason, there are certain circumstances for which an increase to a student’s COA is permissible to allow the opportunity for more financial aid. An increase to the COA may not result in a change to your financial aid awards depending on the type and amount of awards. In order for a student to be eligible, the costs for the circumstances must have been incurred during their period of enrollment.

Additional expenses may include, but are not limited to, reason(s) as listed in the form. Include documentation for all that apply to you, and submit the appropriate documentation to support your request. Failure to support the circumstance with evidence will result in the appeal being denied for lack of documentation.

If you have not requested a federal student loan for the current academic year (summer, fall, and/or spring), you may not need to complete this COA request form and submit documentation. You may already have financial aid available to you in the form of a student loan that you can use for these types of expenses. To request a federal student loan, please complete the Federal Student Loan Request Form.

Please complete sections A and B and submit with appropriate documentation.