Make the Most of Your Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided to help you meet the requirements of the degree or certificate you plan to earn. LCCC is now using On Plan to keep you on track and help you make the best use of your financial aid. This new tool lets us send you a notification shortly after you register to let you know if any of your course selections are not in your plan and are ineligible for financial aid.

Federal regulations require that students can only receive financial aid for courses that apply toward their declared degree or certificate program. While this is not a new rule, we hope providing you with this information will help you to better plan your academic career, select courses that apply to your program, and complete your degree or certificate in record time!

Need to change your program of study? Make an appointment and meet with your advisor.   

How You Can Be Successful

  • Be proactive. Discuss your academic and career goals with your advisor and choose a program that aligns with your goals.
  • Log on to MyCampus, go to your Student Center and click on My Academics to confirm you are enrolled in the program you have identified. 
  • Use Degree Map to determine which courses in your plan you still need to take. 
  • Register for courses that apply to your program of study in order to maximize your financial aid award and achieve your goals sooner.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my courses are eligible for financial aid? 

On Plan uses Degree Map to identify courses required for your program. Shortly after you register (typically by the following day), you can determine whether any of your course selections are not in your plan and ineligible for aid by following these steps:

  • Log on to MyCampus and click on Student Center.
  • Under Finances, click on View Financial Aid/Course Eligibility
  • Click on the current aid year and scroll to the correct term
  • Click on View Course Eligibility

You will see each course identified as eligible or ineligible for financial aid.

  • Eligible courses will be marked with a green check.
  • Ineligible courses will be marked with a red “x.”
  • Courses that have not yet been evaluated will have a question mark.
  • The yellow warning sign means that only part of the course is eligible. For example, you may have registered for a two credit hour class but the class only has one credit hour of eligibility.

Please note: Pell Grant is paid based on Financial Aid Load.  That means there is a dollar amount based on course load. Course loads include: less than half time, half time, 3/4 time, and full time.  Some students may have a course load that falls between the defined course loads.  For example, a student may take eight credit hours, but of those courses, only six credit hours are eligible for Financial Aid. In this case, because half time is between six and eight credits, their Pell Grant does not change. 

If you are a Financial Aid recipient and have an ineligible course, you will receive an email at your LCCC student email, as well as a Checklist Item under your To Do List in your MyCampus Student Center.


How do I use Degree Map to determine the courses I need? 

See Degree Map page. (In Development)


Can I use my financial aid to cover books for ineligible courses?

No. Financial aid is intended to cover tuition/fees, books, and supplies only for courses that apply to your program. 


Are developmental courses eligible for financial aid?

Developmental courses up to the maximum of 30 credit hours will be counted as eligible for financial aid in the On Plan process.


I am repeating a class. Will it be eligible for financial aid?

If you have already earned a passing grade for the course, financial aid will only pay for one more attempt. For example: if you earned a D on your first attempt and an F on your second attempt, you are responsible for paying all tuition, fees, and expenses on your third attempt.


Why isn’t my course eligible for financial aid?

Check the program listed in Degree Map to see if you are enrolled in the correct program. Please contact your advisor if the wrong program is listed on your report.

If you feel the course is marked is ineligible by mistake, contact your advisor for a detailed look at your record and further assistance.


What do I do if I need to change my program?


Meet with your advisor or contact Enrollment Services. 


I am substituting a course in my program. Is it eligible for financial aid?

You may be allowed to use a pre-approved substitute course to meet your program requirements, and be covered by financial aid. You must have the substitution approved and processed before you register for the substitute course for it to be eligible for financial aid. 

Meet with your advisor for assistance with obtaining a course substitution.