LCCC’s Interest-Free Tuition Installment Plan allows the student to postpone payment of certain fees. For credit class enrollments the student will be responsible for payment of one-third of the total amount deferred on three separate occasions after the beginning of the academic term. Due dates are established specific to each academic term.  The one-third payment amounts will automatically be adjusted based on enrollment changes and/or additional payments.

  • the first third must be paid by the due date which will generally  fall at the end of the third week  of the academic term;
  • the second and final thirds must be paid by the due dates which will fall in one month intervals following the first due date.
  • Due Dates and amounts for the installment payments are displayed in MyCampus under Payment Plans.  Please note that the information provided in MyCampus will serve as your official notification of payment amounts and due dates.

Payment Plan Enrollment Instructions


To be eligible to participate in the plan the student must:

  1. be an LCCC student.
  2. have no past due debt with LCCC.
  3. be enrolled in a credit course (no minimum required).
  4. be enrolled in a non-credit course lasting 10 weeks or longer, with a fee equal to, or greater than, $800.
  5. not have defaulted on any deferred payment agreement with the College. (Note: A default on the installment payment plan, or former deferred payment plan, makes the applicant ineligible to participate for one full year following the default unless a reinstatement fee of $25 is paid with the new application.)

Fees covered by the plan

Only fees listed below will be covered by the Installment Plan:

  1. Semester hour fees and eligible non-credit course fees.
  2. General fees.
  3. Course and class fees.
  4. Technology fees.
  5. Schedule adjustment fees.
  6. Other special fees associated with course instruction.
  7. Plan application fee.

Fees NOT covered by the plan

  1. Reinstatement fees.
  2. Transcript fees.
  3. Non-credit instructional fees. (Except as indicated above under “Eligibility.”)
  4. Fines and assessments.
  5. Testing fees.
  6. Bookstore purchases (i.e. books and supplies).
  7. Other fees NOT associated with credit course instruction.

Cost of the plan

The Tuition Installment Plan is an interest-free plan. The non-refundable processing fee for participating is $15 per application.

Get Started

To participate in the Tuition Installment Plan you must:

  1. Enroll in a credit (no minimum required), or qualified non- credit course at LCCC. See “Eligibility” for definition of qualified non-credit course;
  2. To enroll online, click here for instructions.  The $15 non-refundable plan fee will be added to your first installment payment.
  3. If you prefer to mail your application, download and print an application form. Submit the Tuition Installment Plan application to the Financial Services Office or mail a completed and signed application to the Bursar. Applications must arrive at either location prior to the next scheduled cancellations dates.   
    Lorain County Community College
    1005 Abbe Road North
    Elyria, Ohio 44035
    Financial Aid Office
    Extension 4034
    or dial direct at (440) 366-4034
    Bursar’s Office
    Extension 4045
    or dial direct at (440) 366-4045

Terms and conditions

  1. Lorain County Community College will be authorized to adjust the amount deferred in accordance with the total funds due as a result of changes made to the applicant’s course schedule during this academic term.
  2. Without exception, all credit course payments must be made in full by the due dates of the academic term for which the amount owed is deferred.
  3. Failure to secure financial assistance or other funds anticipated for repayment of the total amount deferred will not relieve the student of any condition regarding payment of this obligation.
  4. If student fails to meet any provisions of this Plan, the unpaid balance will remain due. Until the account is paid in full, transcripts will be withheld and registration for subsequent terms will not be permitted.
  5. Installment Plan participation constitutes a legal and binding promise to pay all related fees when due. LCCC utilizes external collection agencies.