Graduates in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (known as STEM fields) are in high demand. In Northeast Ohio, manufacturing, information technology (IT), and healthcare are all strong drivers of our local economy. Employers are seeking students like you who can think creatively, work with technology, solve problems, research, and build the technology needed to propel the region forward. STEM careers are also associated with high earning potential and are expected to grow for decades to come. Explore all of LCCC’s STEM opportunities in Computer Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, Health and Wellness, and Science and Math.

Apply for the STEM Scholarship

It’s not just a scholarship – LCCC Supports STEM Students

LCCC’s academic and career pathways in STEM are accessible to students of all interests, abilities, and academic backgrounds. LCCC’s unique supports, mentoring, and STEM-focused scholarships provide the foundation for you to pursue these high-opportunity areas.

Pursuing STEM at LCCC means you will:

  • Have access to specialized, 2-year scholarships that provide funds for tuition, textbooks and other expenses (average awards provide $3,000 in funds)
  • Gain access to the STEM at LCCC learning community, which will provide academic support, industry connection, and mentoring to help build your future career
  • Start earning and keep learning: you will be prepared for a required work-based learning experience.

STEM Scholarship Qualifications

STEM Scholars awards are made on a rolling basis. However, the priority deadline for the 2023-2024 academic year (beginning Fall 2023) is June 15, 2023.

If you’re interested in pursuing STEM at LCCC, complete the STEM Scholarship Application (in MyScholarships), to be considered for a scholarship based on your academic and program choice (see descriptions of each scholarship below).

To be eligible for one of the STEM at LCCC scholarships:

  • New to LCCC, or new to a STEM academic program
  • Pursuing an eligible STEM certificate or degree program
  • GPA Requirement of 2.75 or higher (3.0 or higher is preferred)
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Ohio resident and able to work in the United States

STEM at LCCC Scholars must maintain a 2.5 GPA while enrolled at LCCC, and will be asked to agree to scholarship requirements including learning community participation, work-based learning experiences, and regular academic success/ advising meetings.

If you don’t quite meet the criteria for the STEM Scholarship, you may qualify for other scholarships. We strongly encouraged you to also check out LCCC’s other scholarships and programs.

Learn More

To learn more about the STEM Scholarship, please contact:

Student Financial Aid
(440) 366-4034


About STEM at LCCC

LCCC’s STEM at LCCC scholarship program includes 60 individual awards through Choose Ohio First, National Science Foundation (NFS), and Intel, among others. When you complete the STEM Scholarship Application, you’ll be considered and matched to the appropriate scholarship from these and other sources. 

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The Choose Ohio First (COF) Scholarship Program at Lorain County Community College is part of Ohio’s strategic initiative to strengthen the state’s position in world markets through innovation, economy and employment in STEMM. The COF program, administered by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, provides competitive scholarships to first-time LCCC students or existing LCCC students who are new to one of the COF-eligible programs at LCCC.

Designated Choose Ohio First programs are:

  • Integrated with regional economies
  • Meeting statewide educational needs
  • Facilitating the completion of baccalaureate degrees in cost effective manners
  • Recruiting underrepresented STEMM student groups including women and students of color
  • Providing students an opportunity to earn and learn throughout their degree

Priority Programs for Scholarship Consideration

  • Computer & Information Technology: Cyber & Information Security, Computer Games & Simulation, Computer Maintenance, Networking, & Software Development + the University of Toledo Computer Science & Engineering University Partnership
  • Manufacturing: Microelectronic Manufacturing and Automation & Robotics (includes associate and bachelors degrees at LCCC) + Digital Fabrication, Machining and Welding
  • Nursing & Health and Wellness: STNA, LPN & Associate Degree Nursing, Emergency Medical Services (includes EMT Basic and Paramedic), Clinical Lab Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapist Assisting, Radiologic Technology, Sterile Processing, & Surgical Technology.

The National Science Foundation’s S-STEM Scholarship Program provides colleges and universities with funding for scholarships for academically talented, low-income students who plan to study a STEM program. The S-STEM Scholarship Program at LCCC will co-enroll students into LCCC’s SAIL Program (Students Accelerations in Learning) where they will receive wrap around academic, financial, and social support services.

Eligibility requirements for NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program

  • New Student, with no more than 24 earned college credits
  • Full-Time Enrollment, with intent to graduate or transfer within two-years
  • Demonstrated financial need / low-income status
  • Commitment to participate in a work-based learning experience
  • New High School Grads (within the past six years) GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Six-Years Post-High School Grads: Assess “college ready” or eligible for a co-requisite course based on LCCC’s assessment approach
  • Ten-Years Post-High School Grads: Recommendation letter from an employer or member of the community that affirms your readiness to participate in the program must be provided
  • Recruiting underrepresented STEM student groups including women and students of color

Priority Programs for NSF S-STEM  Scholarship Consideration

  • Computer & Information Technology: Cyber & Information Security
  • Manufacturing: Microelectronic Manufacturing (includes associate and bachelors degrees at LCCC)

The Intel Scholarship Program at LCCC provides students an opportunity to secure funding to support educational pursuits that are in direct alignment with the Intel, or Intel supply chain. This scholarship will be awarded to students pursuing the certificate, associate, or bachelors degrees at LCCC in microelectronic manufacturing and automation engineering technology programs.

Eligibility requirements for Intel Gift Scholarship Program

  • New High School Graduate or New to LCCC
  • Commitment to pursuing a pathway in microelectronics or automation
  • Legally able to work in the USA
  • Recruiting underrepresented STEM student groups including women, veterans and students of color

Priority Programs for Intel Scholarship Program Consideration

  • Manufacturing: Microelectronic Manufacturing and Automation Engineering Technology (includes associate and bachelors degrees at LCCC)