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Research demonstrates that students who are engaged inside and outside the classroom are much more likely to complete and achieve academic success. Additionally, through engagement and enhanced experiences, students are exposed to a world greater than what they may have ever encountered or dreamed of, especially for students who come from humble beginnings and those who are first in their families to go college. But it is through engagement and rich experiences that help shape who we become; that help one discover who they are and ways in which to unlock the potential for making a difference in one’s community and beyond.

The Michael J. Brown Discovery Scholarship and Learning Community provides first-generation, under-resourced college students with a robust educational experience at Lorain County Community College that helps them unlock their potential. Through a financial scholarship and learning community environment, these scholars receive a rich guided cultural, career, leadership and community service experience that not only supports the student’s completion and academic success, but prepares them to dream bigger and make an impact in meaningful ways as they discover who they are and all they are capable of achieving.

Annually four (4) first generation, under-resourced students will be selected to receive a scholarship of $2,000 ($1,000/year for two years). The scholarship, coupled with other need-based and available academic scholarships, will specifically support the student’s participation in an expanded educational, leadership, cultural and community service experiences as a learning community. In this learning community, students would receive strong mentorship and guidance from Karin Hooks, Ph.D., English Professor in Arts and Humanities. Dr. Hooks is a lead faculty member at Lorain County Community College. As a first-generation, low-income, non-traditional student, Dr. Hooks recognizes the challenges of students from similar backgrounds.

The Leadership course is taught by Denise Douglas, Ph.D., Dean, Social Sciences and Human Services. Dr. Douglas has extensive experience teaching and coaching emerging leaders. She was also a first-generation, non-traditional student. Both Drs. Hooks and Douglas are excited about the establishment of the Michael J. Brown Discovery Scholarship and Learning Community, and know first-hand the impact of rich guided academic and cultural experiences on under-resourced students.

Students awarded the Michael J. Brown Discovery Scholarship will participate in an in-person leadership class as well as a number of activities intended to enhance the student’s personal and professional development.

The pilot learning community was launched in Spring 2019. The next learning community of four students will begin in Fall 2019 with two additional learning communities of four students each beginning in Fall 2020 and Fall 2021. The long-term impact on these students’ experiences and growth could have a ripple effect to benefit not only the individual students and their families, but the communities and societies in which they are engaged; very similar to how Michael J. Brown’s educational roots and experiences from his time in Lorain County and at Lorain County Community College inspired and prepared him to make a difference in meaningful ways to our community and the world.


Student Recruitment is now in progress. In August, we will hold the kick-off for the Michael J. Brown Discovery Scholars and Learning Community.


(subject to change)

  • First-generation, under-resourced students (Pell Grant eligible or just above)
  • At least one from Midview High School

Possible Learning Community Activities

  • Community Service
  • Internships
  • Reading Groups
  • Field Trips
  • Faculty Mentors
  • Networking with Local Leaders
  • Connections with Michael Brown
  • Trips to State/National Conventions
  • Volunteer Opportunities

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