Developmental Education

College students often need support in order to be successful in their chosen fields of study. The purpose of the academic foundation courses is to assist students with instructional support.

Academic foundation courses are provided for students who need to refresh or strengthen academic skills. Courses are available in mathematics, English/writing, reading and study skills. A complete listing of these courses appears in the course description section of College Catalog.

Based on the results of the placement assessment process, placement in courses that align with a student’s academic abilities is mandatory. If a student feels that their placement assessment scores do not reflect their academic ability they can request to reassess to see if they can place into higher level courses. If a student is required to enroll in academic foundation courses in reading, writing and/or math (either credit or non-credit) for their program of study, it is mandatory that these courses be taken before a student can enroll in any other college courses. Academic foundation courses provide the necessary foundation and review to strengthen a student’s basic skills. If all required academic foundation courses are scheduled, a student may take other courses concurrently. In instances where a student is attending part-time, they may take more than one semester to enroll in all required academic foundation courses. Additionally, once a student starts a math or English course, all courses must be taken consecutively and sequentially until the required sequence is completed. Extenuating and unusual circumstances will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Students who place into three developmental education subjects (i.e., math, English and reading) will be required to enroll in SDEV 102, Strategies for College Success, to support their academic success.

Academic foundation courses carry college credit. They are included in the computation of a student’s cumulative grade point average and count toward financial aid requirements; however, they do not count toward degree requirements and are not transferable to another college or university.