Forgiveness Policy

The College recognizes that some students may not be able to overcome previously earned poor records in order to meet new career and educational goals and/or to meet graduation requirements. Academic forgiveness is applicable once for currently enrolled students who have completed at least 15 credit hours of coursework at LCCC with a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher for all coursework completed since the last term in which forgiveness is sought. The student may petition in writing to the Committee on Scholastic Standing by completing the forgiveness of grades petition to have grades of D, F or FAW forgiven and not computed in the grade point average and have the word forgiven substituted for the former grade(s). The student may seek forgiveness for up to 10 semester or 15 quarter credit hours.

The course(s) for which the student is seeking forgiveness must not be needed for her/his new career or educational goals. These forgiven grades will be included when computing the cumulative point hour average for graduation with honors.

Forgiveness Form

The Forgiveness of Grades Petition can be found in the Student Forms Library